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Aizu Suehiro Densetsu Yamahai Junmaishu 720ml (52003)

Aizu Suehiro Densetsu Yamahai Junmaishu 720ml (52003)

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Manufacturer name: Suehiro Sake Brewery Product weight: 1,200g (720ml)
Product standard: JAN 4973717200369

Yamahai Junmaishu has a good balance of sourness and sweetness.
Mr. Kinichiro Kagi, who founded Yamahaizukuri at the end of the Meiji period, test-brewed Suehiro Sake Brewery Kaeizo in the early Taisho period. Suehiro's Kashiki Yamahaizukuri has been passed down since that time. This alcoholic beverage has a powerful fullness and flavor that is unique to Yamahai.

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