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YOSHIMI×Nishiyama Seimen_Grilled corn style dried noodles (04271)

YOSHIMI×Nishiyama Seimen_Grilled corn style dried noodles (04271)

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Manufacturer name: Nishiyama Seimen Co., Ltd. Product weight: 900g
Product specifications: 4 servings of dried noodles (2 servings of miso butter flavor, 2 servings of soy sauce butter flavor)

Odori Park is the symbol of Sapporo. The fragrant smell of roasted corn wafting from the "corn wagons" that appear in Odori Park during the summer season when Hokkaido corn is in season is a true summer tradition. We will deliver a set of rich miso butter ramen and soy sauce butter ramen with a fragrant aroma reminiscent of Hokkaido's popular souvenir "Sapporo Okaki Oh! Grilled Corn", which reproduces the taste of such roasted corn "Tokibi Wagon".

Best before date: 60 days from production

Please be aware of the number of days required for delivery before placing your order. Please note that depending on the timing of your order, it may take more than two weeks to prepare for shipping.

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