Precautions for use

【shipping method】
Products on this site are shipped using EMS (International Express Mail) (with cargo tracking number). Delivery location varies depending on local postal circumstances. We cannot accept requests for specific shipping methods. Please note.

[Estimated delivery]
All products are made to order. Depending on local postal conditions, delivery is approximately 2-3 weeks after receiving your order.
*Delays may occur depending on weather, transportation, and local delivery conditions. Thank you for your understanding.

[Product not delivered]
If you are unable to confirm delivery after waiting until the estimated delivery time, please contact us below. OCS Subscription Division:

[Order cancellation]
All products on this site are made to order. Cancellations cannot be accepted after an order has been placed. Please contact us via "Contact Us" for preliminary estimates and confirmation of conditions.

[Notes on use]
・OCS is not responsible for any damage caused to all users due to product shortages, defects, damage, etc., or delivery delays due to customs clearance conditions and circumstances of the destination country, circumstances of the transportation company, etc. shall not be held responsible.

・OCS may compensate for damages only in cases recognized by OCS, but the maximum amount will be the total cost of the product, shipping, and other miscellaneous expenses related to the order in which the damage occurred, and OCS will not be responsible for anything else. shall not be liable.

・OCS will resend the product or refund the price only if the user contacts us within 60 days from the date of overseas shipment, and in the case of damage or loss resulting from operations performed by OCS. may be done.

・The content, quality, packaging, etc. of products handled at OCS JAPAN STORE comply with the standards set by publishers and manufacturers, and we do not guarantee these in any way.

・OCS will determine the ordered product and shipping address based on the information specified by the user during the purchase procedure. If a problem occurs such as the product not being delivered, the shipping address unknown, or the product being incorrect, OCS will contact each user and confirm that there is a discrepancy between the information specified during the purchase procedure and the actual shipping address or product. By confirming that there is no such thing, you will be exempted from liability.

・Products shipped overseas by OCS and returned due to user circumstances such as unknown destination, long-term absence of recipient, refusal to receive, etc. will be stored for 30 days from the date the product is returned to OCS. If OCS re-delivers a returned product due to non-delivery due to user reasons, OCS will charge the re-delivery costs determined by OCS. Products that have exceeded the storage period will be discarded or returned according to the method specified by OCS. We will not carry out re-shipping procedures for items that have been discarded or returned.

・OCS may cancel the order for a product ordered by a user if it becomes out of stock or unavailable due to changes in the inventory status of OCS or the product supplier. If some of the products in multiple orders become unavailable, you may cancel the order for only those products. OCS assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to users as a result of this.

*These terms and conditions may change depending on the situation. Thank you for your understanding.