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Cream cheese marinated in miso/04311

Cream cheese marinated in miso/04311

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Manufacturer name: Daigen Miso Product weight: 120g
Product specifications: creamcheese-miso-35g

Cream cheese miso pickle 35g
Two types of cheese, which has been eaten around the world for a long time, and miso, a fermented food that is representative of Japanese food culture, are blended in an exquisite balance to create a new and unprecedented cream cheese misozuke. I finished it. You can enjoy it as a Japanese-style snack that goes well with sake, or enjoy it with wine, or as a salad topping, or with crackers or baguettes. Wouldn't you like to enjoy a higher quality taste and a wonderful time that is different from ordinary cream cheese? *After opening, please store in the refrigerator and consume as soon as possible.

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