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Additive-free kelp soup stock “Gin no Shizuku” / 04313

Additive-free kelp soup stock “Gin no Shizuku” / 04313

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Manufacturer name: Daigen Miso Product weight: 150g
Product specifications: gin-no-sizuku

Additive-free high-grade chin soup stock 120g (10g x 12 packs)
The rich aroma and elegant taste of the chin and konbu make for the ultimate rich miso soup. We use only natural domestic ingredients and are particular about the formulation that goes well with miso. We use only domestic ingredients from designated production areas, including fish landed in Shimanoura in Miyazaki Prefecture and Tosashimizu in Kochi Prefecture. Using traditional processing and an exquisite blend that brings out the maximum flavor, we have created a stock that brings out the natural flavor of the ingredients to the fullest. This is a completely additive-free and salt-free dashi pack that allows you to easily enjoy the luxury of honbushi, the deliciousness of freshly made soup stock, and the deep and delicate taste of soup stock found in long-established restaurants and Japanese cuisine, all at home. By carefully roasting high-quality ingredients using far infrared rays, you can enjoy a highly fragrant and elegant flavor. Completely additive-free, salt-free finish, completely additive-free, containing no additives such as amino acids or salt. It is easy to adjust the salt content and is healthy. Not only can you use it with confidence, but you can also enjoy the rich flavor of dashi.

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