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Organic gold round mochi from Uonuma “Genju” (10 pieces) / 04310

Organic gold round mochi from Uonuma “Genju” (10 pieces) / 04310

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Manufacturer name: Daigen Miso Product weight: 490g
Product specifications: mochi-1

[The raw material Kogane glue is organic JAS certified rice from Tsunan Town, Nakauonuma District]
The raw material, Kogane Glue, is made from organic JAS-certified rice from Tsunan-cho, Nakauonuma-gun, which has been treated with plenty of organic fertilizer made by microbial decomposition of rapeseed meal, crab shells, fish meal, etc., and the water comes from Tsunan, a land of famous water. We used groundwater. The rice cakes are pounded using a mallet that allows the mallet to fall naturally, and the rice cakes are pounded one by one.Skilled craftsmen judge the texture and elasticity by touch and eyes, and pound the rice cakes with great care for the firmness and the natural flavor and sweetness of the glutinous rice. I did. Each round mochi is rolled by hand with great care. Ingredients: Paddy sticky rice (100% produced in Uonuma, Niigata Prefecture)

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